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This site is part of the ExploringNJ.com, with the focus on great campgrounds around NJ (and sometimes beyond).

How it works

This site, and all our Map sites, use special calls to GetOutsideNJ to populate the maps you are enjoying. All content, photos, programming is owned by Jeff Conklin unless otherwise noted. Do not borrow/steal what we have shared on this or any of our sites. If you have any questions, just say hello.

At our core, we are just a fan site

We are not associated with any parks, groups, business or the state. This is a fan/reference site to help folks find more places to go. Please always make sure you check with any of the places we share before just heading there or assuming anything.

Are we missing something? See any Issue?

Our goal is to keep our list as up to date as we can. If we are missing something, you would like some special advertising, or have any issue, please say hello: jeff@getoutsidenj.com.